Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 Super Bowl Commercials, Not So Super

Super Bowl commercials, the “show within the show”. Advertisers spend millions just for the air time then throw in millions more to produce what they hope will be the magical ad that boosts their sales enough to justify the expense.  The whole process has turned into an advertising extravaganza that is part of what makes the Super Bowl one of the worlds most widely viewed spectacles.

Unfortunately this years offering of what was supposed to be the best of the best was, with a few exceptions, were less than stellar.

Either predictable or only marginally humorous Coke and Budweiser’s selection of ads where certainly not up to par with their past offerings. Doritos had the best overall selection of any of the major sponsors with ads that included a new use for a dogs electric shock collar, a tough guy kid and a chip covered Samurai.

Some of the smaller sponsors that produced good ads included Hyundai’s “Brett Favre in the Future”, Snickers flag football spot featuring Betty White and Abe Vigoda, KGB’s “How do you say surrender to a sumo”, Career’s “Casual Friday” and Tru TV’s “Ground Hog Day” piece.

On the down side of the coin were some real dud’s including Go Daddy’s usual selection of pointless “lets wait for the girl to rip open her shirt” ads (shame on you Danica for even participating), Boost Mobiles attempt to revive the Chicago Bears hey day (give it up guys, just enjoy your retirement), Dockers “No Pants” nature walk and it’s a toss up for worst of the night between Dove’s “now that you’re a man, get in touch with your feminine side” something or other and Dodge’s “here are all the things you put up with from your woman so deserve to drive one of our cars”. Critics of Sports Illustrated latest cover should have a ball with that one.

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